CONTRASTS IN COURAGE: Biden Cowers Where Lincoln Stood Tall

Written by Marcus Carey

January 15, 2021

It was only days after the end of the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln stood on the steps of the capitol for his second inaugural address. Plots to murder him abounded. John Wilkes Booth had slipped out of the assembled crowd and made his way behind Lincoln to the platform where he was arrested.

In the years since Lincoln was first elected his mail was filled with threats on his life. He remarked that at first he was concerned, but as the mail continued to be filled with one threat after another he said “Oh there’s nothing like getting used to things.”

That didn’t stop the threats. And the hatred eventually ended his life just weeks after his second inaugural address.
But Lincoln understood the importance of standing tall. His entire first term was consumed by the bloodiest battles in our nation’s history. The number of Americans who died in the Civil war alone is nearly equal to the deaths in all other wars combined.

Yet under threat from day one, until the day he died, Lincoln took precautions but never showed weakness.
Joe Biden on the other hand will arrive in office behind barbed wire, with the District Of Columbia virtually closed to the public. His speech will be much like his rallies, crowdless. His parade will be a virtual gathering on the Internet. The capitol is quartering troops. Armed military will be stationed everywhere. And the world will be watching.

The only courage Joe Biden will show would be better described as gall. His presidency does not arrive on the shoulders of a supportive nation. His claim to victory further divides our nation thanks to the refusal of Congress and the Senate to publicly air any investigation into claims of irregularity.
Biden’s oath of office will be taken under the taint of his refusal to deride burgeoning censorship, crackdowns on his opposition and violent rhetoric from his most vocal supporters who continue to call for retribution against conservatives.

Lincoln on the other hand reached out to his opposition. His own words, his actions and his courage established a clear intent to heal our nation after years of bloodshed and destruction.

The contrasts are stark. They are disturbing. Biden strikes the pose of a president who fears his countrymen, who despises his opposition and who will not lead a nation, but will lead only one ideology.

The world is watching and what they will see will be determined by who they are. Our allies will find reason to worry about the future security of the world. Our enemies will salivate over the opportunities this will provide for them to do us harm.

God bless the United States of America.

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