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On the first day, of the first week, of the first month, of the first year of a new decade, GrassRootsAmerican.com launches a wide open portal to the truth.

With America in lockdown status reliance on traditional news sources and online news sources awakened millions of Americans to a shocking reality: the media no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Agenda driven, revenue driven and in some cases outright complicity in crimes against democracy seems to define the motivations of traditional media outlets in the minds of many.

This has given rise to purveyors of wild conspiracy theories as an alternative to the main stream media and its perceived slant in reporting on events essential to informed decision making among free thinking people.

Public display of GrassRootsAmerican.com was made available on Sunday, January 3, 2021, but only after nearly a year of preparation.

We wanted to be sure that our platform, our design, our authors, our content and our mission were all running smoothly.  We expect some hiccups but now have a team in place for rapid response and correction.

The misison of this project is purely and simply born of respect.  Respect for the ability of human beings to govern themselves, to receive, understand, process and act upon information is at the core of this project.

The site will include commentary, editorials and opinion pieces, it will welcome all voices to the debate under strict rules of debate decorum, in contrast to the made for TV phony debate programs currently being fed to the public.

Starting with a handful of well regarded contributors, negotiations continue with many more authors as well as plans to bring onboard syndicated projects from other podcasts, blogs, news and and commentary producers.

This site is intended to provide you will the truth, delivered with respect, imubed with integrity and devoted to earning your trust.

This news site was made just for you, it is about you and will respond to your desire to find the truth, to regain confidence in your decision making as we work to strengthen the future for our nation, our children and our grandchildren.

These goals are nothing new for Grass Roots Americans.  Now, finally, there is a place where freedom lives.  Welcome home!


GrassRootsAmerican.com is  owned by The Conceived In Liberty Project LLC.  All opinions expressed by content creators or comments are the exclusive opinions and views of those authors. They may not represent the opinions or position or view of the owners or operators of this site.

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