Jennifer McCubbin

Just A Girl On A Farm

I’m a faithful Christian, a business woman, a wife of more than two decades, and mother of a grown son. I love our country, and love the beauty and uniqueness that is the USA. We live on over 165 beautiful acres in Kentucky half-way between Cincinnati and Louisville. Life on the farm is never dull and there’s always work to be done.

For years I have dreamed of sharing my faith, thoughts, projects and ideas with you. This dream has finally come to fruition and I look forward to what lies ahead. Together we will cover a broad range of topics as I blog my way through life. I have many projects and life’s lessons to share. Please check back often. I will do my very best to keep things current and interesting.

I’m Not Buying It!

Lately there’s been much news about boycotting this company, and not patronizing that company, because of their political views or actions. While I’m all for making a stand for what we believe in, it does become increasingly harder to adhere to all the constraints we...

5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Peace

One of the greatest things we strive for in our lives is peace and tranquility.  We search the net looking for the latest organizing tips that will help our homes be tidy, the latest kitchen gadget that will make our Tuesday...