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What The Establishment Fears Most: The Rise Of Grass Roots Americans

The Republican Party of Kentucky was asked by several voting members of its central committee to urge Mitch McConnell to stand behind Donald Trump in the second impeachment trial. The party overwhelmingly rejected that request.

Trump won 118 of Kentucky’s 120 counties in 2020. He received 62% of the popular vote. McConnell received 58%.

Cut off from directly communicating with his supporters by the censorship imposed by Twitter and Facebook Trump is now at the mercy of media influence over public opinion.

McConnell’s recent remarks in advance of the senate trial indicate that he has pre-judged Trumps responsibility for the actions of a few rioters who sought to confront Congress and secure a pubic vetting of the legitimacy of the November election in several states. A handful of the protesters did property damage to the Capitol and after Capitol security seemed to have stood down, gained access to areas of the public building usually off limits to visitors.

McConnell recently expressed what seemed to some to be his pre-judgement that Trump “provoked” the violence of a few (though speaking to millions). McConnell’s comments expressed his agreement with the allegation contained in Article 1 of the house impeachment document.

Over the years McConnell has exercised a great deal of control over the Kentucky state party apparatus which operates out of a building in Frankfort which bears his name.

But in a state which showed such strong support for Trump, McConnell’s public statements in advance of the senate trial (due to begin on February 8th) have left many republicans wondering who he speaks for.

The motion before the RPK to urge McConnell to support Donald Trump was soundly defeated. That result will be used to suggest that Ky republicans have abandoned Trump. It will certainly be used to show that McConnell’s control over the party apparatus is stronger than ever. But are either of these impressions true?

Kentucky republican voters will likely not accept or react favorably toward either narrative unless party leadership explains the committee vote in a way which does not slap them in their face on either account.

Failure to do so could have repercussions in the near future as the RPK is about to enter that period during which party reorganization takes place.

Beginning at the precinct level and having impact all the way to the next national presidential nominating convention four years from now, Kentucky republicans get the first and last word on who runs the party, to whom it listens and for whom it speaks.

Traditionally this process has been controlled from the top down with little grass roots participation. But as 2021 arrived and draconian top down censorship, crackdowns and turncoat politics seem to have been absorbed into the GOP a quiet, peaceful, process driven revolution seems to be building.

And what those in power fear most is being watched very carefully. It’s not the fringe, they only make headlines.

What the establishment fears most is the organization of, the collective power of, and the determination of grass roots Americans.

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CONTRASTS IN COURAGE: Biden Cowers Where Lincoln Stood Tall

It was only days after the end of the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln stood on the steps of the capitol for his second inaugural address. Plots to murder him abounded. John Wilkes Booth had slipped out of the assembled crowd and made his way behind Lincoln to the platform where he was arrested.

In the years since Lincoln was first elected his mail was filled with threats on his life. He remarked that at first he was concerned, but as the mail continued to be filled with one threat after another he said “Oh there’s nothing like getting used to things.”

That didn’t stop the threats. And the hatred eventually ended his life just weeks after his second inaugural address.
But Lincoln understood the importance of standing tall. His entire first term was consumed by the bloodiest battles in our nation’s history. The number of Americans who died in the Civil war alone is nearly equal to the deaths in all other wars combined.

Yet under threat from day one, until the day he died, Lincoln took precautions but never showed weakness.
Joe Biden on the other hand will arrive in office behind barbed wire, with the District Of Columbia virtually closed to the public. His speech will be much like his rallies, crowdless. His parade will be a virtual gathering on the Internet. The capitol is quartering troops. Armed military will be stationed everywhere. And the world will be watching.

The only courage Joe Biden will show would be better described as gall. His presidency does not arrive on the shoulders of a supportive nation. His claim to victory further divides our nation thanks to the refusal of Congress and the Senate to publicly air any investigation into claims of irregularity.
Biden’s oath of office will be taken under the taint of his refusal to deride burgeoning censorship, crackdowns on his opposition and violent rhetoric from his most vocal supporters who continue to call for retribution against conservatives.

Lincoln on the other hand reached out to his opposition. His own words, his actions and his courage established a clear intent to heal our nation after years of bloodshed and destruction.

The contrasts are stark. They are disturbing. Biden strikes the pose of a president who fears his countrymen, who despises his opposition and who will not lead a nation, but will lead only one ideology.

The world is watching and what they will see will be determined by who they are. Our allies will find reason to worry about the future security of the world. Our enemies will salivate over the opportunities this will provide for them to do us harm.

God bless the United States of America.

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Is Artificial Intelligence Thinking For YOU?

Here’s what super computers are doing with your brain. First, every place you go collects data on you. Not just your IP address, or your email name, or your credit card info, but little things like how long you linger when looking at photos to measure how you respond to various colors, images and placement on the page.

Where you shop, what you are looking for, what part of the country you are in, your gender, your age, your level of education, you groups, your affiliations, your language, your interests, your opinions, and most importantly, your reaction to stimuli placed in front of you that you don’t even know is bait are small parts of the millions of datapoints which have been and continue to be collected about you every minute of every day.

How do I know these things? Fist, they are well documented. Second, before AI and algorithms we did similar things in the political world but on a much more rudimentary scale.

We studied your age, your voting history, your memberships at places like the NRA, Right To Life, charity groups etc. We studied your addresses over time, we studied every bit of data we could get in order to design a message and the delivery method (direct mail, robo call, personal visit etc.) that seemed to work with you. And we processed all of this with human brains. It was all we had.

Now the dems in collusion with the mainstream media, social media and big tech, are gathering tiny bits about you from every thing they can capture, building a model of how you think and then tailoring a message and the delivery system they will use to shape your thoughts, and control your behavior. But this time they are using artificial intelligence, powerful computers and algorithms to control what you see, how you react and in the final analysis, what you think and what you do with what you think.

Don’t for one minute believe that the messages being pumped out, repeated, echoed and driven home regarding Trump, the riot at the capitol, and the future of this country aren’t carefully prepared to shape your opinions and direct your actions. It’s how they find and motivate the crazies to act when they need them to. And it’s how they shape your reactions to the planned outcome they designed.

So if you think Trump’s speech that day incited the riot at the capitol you have been manipulated. How can I be so sure? Consider this.

The FBI has admitted that it was warned about the riot the day before Trump’s speech. Think for yourself a minute. How can a speech incite a riot that was planned and discovered the day before the speech was given? How can a speech incite a riot that was already underway before the speech was concluded? How can a speech which was addressed to tens of thousands of peaceful attendees a mile and a half from the capitol incite violence from people who were already at the capitol and couldn’t hear it? And how can a speech which specifically called for a peaceful demonstration be dubbed “inciting violence”?

You have a brain. Use it. Don’t let the AI folks calculate your thoughts for you. The first freedom we need to be fighting for is the freedom of our thoughts. When we become objects of manipulation, we become slaves. The battle we are engaged in is the battle for the salvation of free thought. And this is where freedom lives.

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UPDATE: Governor Beshear Guilty Of Political Discrimination? Employee Hires Attorney

On January 6, 2021 a protected state employee took his family on a trip to Washington DC and while there attended the speeches being given at a rally in support of president Trump. Upon his return the employee found himself in jeopardy of losing his protected job as a result reportedly on orders of Governor Andy Beshear.

Beshear’s actions have raised serious questions whether he ignored the rights of the employee, both under the Constitution and under Kentucky law. Violation of Kentucky law could potentially result in Beshear facing criminal prosecution on the charge of “political discrimination”, a misdemeanor. Conviction of a misdemeanor by a sitting governor supplies constitutional grounds for impeachment.

The employee has hired attorney Chris Wiest of Kenton County. Wiest, a constitutional attorney, has taken the lead in a number of cases challenging the Governor’s actions. Wiest has challenged business shutdowns, restrictions on church attendance, peaceable assembly and other clampdowns initiated by Beshear in 2020 during the nations pandemic of fear which arose from widespread reports of high death rates attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus which swept across America after its escape or release from a virology lab in Wuhan China.

Though recent evidence strongly suggests that the virus was prevalent in the United States in 2019 it was only after the impeachment of Donald Trump seemed to be going no where was it given a name and wall to wall reporting began portraying the virus as a pandemic level threat to human life and was classified as presenting an emergency by Beshear.

Beshear enjoys pockets of support around the Commonwealth (predominantly in strong democrat areas) for his handling of the Covid-19 situation. But well over 50,000 citizens have petitioned the legislature to impeach him.

On January 11, 2021 the Kentucky House formed a special committee to investigate the matter of impeachment.

Beshear has called the petition an effort to overturn a valid election.

This story is developing. Check here for updates.

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Breaking News: Ky. Gov. Beshear Retaliates Against State Employee For Attending Peaceful Rally

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News is breaking this morning that a career Kentucky Commonwealth employee of some significant rank has been fired from his position by Kentucky’s democrat governor Andrew Beshear after the employee and his family attended the peaceful portion of the recent rally in Washington DC.

Information from highly reliable sources report that the state employee and his family attended the rally, left when the speeches were over and were not involved in any way with events at the capitol. After returning home the employee’s spouse posted pictures on Facebook of the family trip to our nation’s capitol. The employee was then summarily fired.

It has come to our attention that the employee has consulted with an attorney to discuss legal options.

It should be remembered that in May of 2006 then sitting republican governor Ernie Fletcher was indicted by a grand jury on claims of “political discrimination”. The New York Times reported that the “indictment is the culmination of a yearlong investigation that began after a whistleblower provided paperwork to (attorney general) Mr. (Greg) Stumbo, …accused Mr. Fletcher of violating civil-service hiring laws by filling rank-and-file state jobs based on the political leanings of applicants rather than their merit.”

Members of Governor Fletcher’s administration were maligned, charged and implicated in the alleged conspiracy. The result of months of non-stop reporting and media pressure resulted in current Governor Beshear’s father being elected over Governor Fletcher that year.

The Kentucky General Assembly is currently in session and bills to impeach current Governor Beshear are under discusion. The grounds for the impeachment move stem from Beshear’s alleged “abuse of power” through the issuance of government mandates related to the highly controversial “Covid” pandemic.

One organization,, has reportedly collected over 35,000 signatures on one petition and over 21,000 signatures on another, both calling for the removal of Beshear.

This allegation of political retaliation comes just days after the national media, large social media platforms like Twitter and Apple, have taken action to censor conservatives while still giving voice to leaders from Communist China and Iran.

Concerns on a national level of sweeping crackdowns on conservatives in response to the election of former VP Joe Biden to the White House and total control of the Congress of the United States seemingly passing the the democrats has sounded alarms across the country.

While initial reports were that these actions by democrats were intended to chill an angry right, more recently concerns have been raised by others that these actions seem to be generating unintended consequences as the reaction of conservatives to violations of their constitutional rights have emboldened resistance.

We will continue to follow this story and to report on the reaction of the legislature now sitting in Frankfort to determine if this development will impact the proposed effort to impeach Governor Beshear.

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Reports of widespread censorship have been disseminated across various platforms. Discussion in the comments.

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