The Marcus Carey Perspective

No Time To Mince Words, Nobody Else Is Coming To Save Us

The greatest generation which preceded us, like our founders long before them, knew the threat that existed to our nation.  They stepped up.  Now the threat is on our shores, in our government and about to take over.  The last generation that can identify them is aging, and comfortable and desirous of avoiding controversy.  But we must be the ones to carry the flag.  No one else is coming to save America.

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Is The Covid Vaccine Part Of A Cover-Up For A Crime?

After 41 years of practicing law I’ve learned that the truth is often hidden on purpose.  The hardest part of any crime is getting away with it and covering your tracks.  In this episode we look at the Covid vaccine and how it’s possible project warp speed was part of the plan to cover up a bigger crime, who might be involved and how we should start paying closer attention.

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